Sheer curtains – the perfect made to measure solution!

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When I mention made to measure sheer curtains in client consultations I often get the feeling that I have somehow, Dynamo style, mystically transplanted the thought of some horrible 1970’s Brighton B&B into their mind, complete with frilly net curtains crudely strung between those horrible net wires in the downstairs windows. If the alarm bells are ringing to a similar tune in your head, turn them off, delete “net curtains” permanently from your memory and read on!

The truth is sheer or voile curtains have come a long way since the days they were cruelly locked between net wires, and we’ve found ourselves fitting them everywhere from the 5 star Westminster Corinthia Hotel (where the X Factor contestants are currently staying) to the showroom of a leading London fashion designer (he’s sworn us to secrecy, but the Duchess of Cambridge has a particular penchant for his dresses!) Back at home, they provide the perfect solution to your privacy issues, and can work on their own, or behind fully lined curtains.

bedroom sheer curtains from Moghul
Floor to ceiling pencil pleat curtains in a 300cm wide sheer fabric (wide width to minimise seams) sit behind the blackout lined curtains to soften the light and provide privacy during the day

What curtain heading should I choose for my sheer curtains? Whilst this is very much a matter of personal preference, sheer curtains tend to work best on a pencil pleat heading. Why? because sheer fabric doesn’t really need to behave (or hang in its folds) – because, being sheer, there’s a level of transparency to it. It’s a much more fluid, relaxed look, so a formal pinch pleat isn’t really necessary.

sheer curtains on a wave heading from Moghul
Whilst sheer curtains tend to have a pencil pleat heading, a wave heading creates a truly stunning, contemporary look (featured curtain hung on an Evans CKS corded klick system track with Easyfold carriers)

That said, wave headings (the best exponents of which in my view come in the form of the Forest Easyfold system) produce an absolutely stunning, contemporary effect.

An incredibly cost effective solution: sheer curtains represent great value for money. For one, you’re only paying for one layer of fabric and typically most sheer fabrics retail at between £10 and £20 per metre.

Sheers come in wide widths: They’re also available in wide widths ie 300cms wide as opposed to the more typical 140cms, which cuts down on the number of seams (the joins between each curtain fabric width).


bay window before sheer curtains
The ground floor bay window is rather exposed before the sheer curtains are fitted


bay window sheer curtains from Moghul
A stunning transformation – the sheer curtains create a soft, calming presence, and the outside space is delicately diffused, affording our client valuable privacy – again featuring the Evans CKS corded klick sytem with Easyfold carriers)