restaurant eyelet curtains

A Curtain Pole of Epic Proportions

When the Corinthia Hotel London came into being a few years ago, we supplied the curtains for all common areas and the majority of the suites. However we faced a unique challenge when asked to turn into reality the rendered image produced by the interior designers of a pole sweeping the entire curved wall of the Northall Restaurant. We would need to attach to this pole eyelet headed dress curtains.

The pole would be 26metres long and suspended nearly 6 metres from the restaurant floor! Measuring a pole as vast as this was quite a challenge and Moghul Director Charlie used a laser measure to accurately plot each element of the curved wall, and all its projections – including pilasters which would make calculating the bracket projections and eyelet spacing absolutely critical.

The Bradley Collection had a range of poles that we thought could fit the design brief, and we knew they had the expertise to manufacture to these exacting specifications in what was becoming a challenging timescale. To their eternal credit theyn agreed to take on this challenge without hesitation – but there was much work to do.

The product we were asking them to produce was non-standard in almost every way, and as a single structure would be one of their largest UK projects to date. Their Steel Collection most obviously matched what we required, but at our required diameter of 50mm was 12mm wider than the Steel Collection standard. Also, the colour and finish we required was unique to the completely different Elysian product range. The adjustable brackets that we would require to deal with the varying recesses of the room were also non standard size and would need to be manufactured specially for the order.

restaurant curtains Corinthia Northall

The Result: The pole was manufactured in 14 uniquely shaped sections which were raised on towers and installed one by one. The adjustable brackets were cut to size individually on site to ensure the required projection was achieved. Six pairs of curtains were individually threaded onto the pole as each section was installed – with the eyelets carefully spaced to ensure that each curtain wave cleared the pilasters and other projections.