Informal Pinch Pleats for a Timeless, Country Classic Look

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Curtains | No Comments

So often we are asked to produce curtains that are exquisitely pristine, both in terms of their crease-less folds, and beautifully crisp pleats. And you can understand why, because hand made, lined and interlined curtains in fabrics ranging from £60 to £150 per metre are expensive, and so our clients expect perfection for their money.

So it’s strangely challenging when the brief is to produce curtains that have an informal, almost aged elegance, as we were recently asked to do for our interior design client at a large Cotswolds country house that was undergoing substantial restorative refurbishment.

informal pinch pleat curtain heading
The curtains have an informal (double) pinch pleat heading, and hang from poles recycled from picture rails

We achieved the look by only partially sewing each pleat together at the back, and leaving it open at it’s base, rather like you would do with a cartridge pleat heading.

The curtains were interlined with a heavy weight, pre-shrunk bump interlining to create an opulent feel, and hung from recycled antique brass picture rails that we brought back to life with new acorn finials and bespoke brackets.

tash kent curtains with informal pinch pleat heading
The curtains are made from a Task Kent fabric, with an informal pinch pleat heading

The combination of informal pleats and the heavy interlining creates an understated, informal elegance that blends seamlessly with the rest of the antique furniture in the room.