When shutters don’t give you bedroom blackout

Shutters are a great option for a contemporary space where you’re striving for that uncluttered look, or for tricky arched windows – and the way their blades can be tilted makes them in many ways more versatile than more traditional window treatments such as curtains or blinds. But this versatility can also present a problem.

Light shining through closed shutters
Even when the blades are fully closed, it’s difficult to keep the light out

Even when the blades are closed, it’s well nigh impossible to achieve effective blackout (see example above), and whilst this doesn’t generally present too much of a problem in the domestic market (that is, as long as you were advised about this before fitting them!) speak to any exclusive hotel, and they will tell you how important it is that their window treatments keep light out – because their guests have the luxury of getting up later than most of us mere mortals!

In the above example, there was ample space between the shutters and the windows, and so we suggested fitting a roman blind in the space immediately behind the shutters.

hardboard for arched window roman blind
Hardboard is cut to the shape of the arch and upholstered in the roman blind fabric

We made a curved piece of hardboard to the exact shape of the arch above the window. A piece of 18mm by 50mm mdf was attached to the bottom edge of the curve, to provide a fixing point for the roman blind’s headrail system.

arched window roman blind
The roman blind is raised and lowered by a chain operated headrail system, that is accessed by opening the shutter

The upholstered arch is screwed in place behind the shutter and the roman blind is attached to its underside. The roman blind sits discreetly below the arch, and is raised and lowered on a chrome chain that can be assessed by opening the right hand shutter.

Important note: roman blind chains and/or cords can be a choking hazard for small children, and so we strongly advise you make the chain safe by attaching it to a child safety pulley or other tensioning device.