Laminated, motorised and remote controlled – can the humble roller blind get any more bespoke?

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We’ve blogged before about laminated roller blinds, and we recently had the opportunity to add a new dimension to this truly bespoke product  by electrifying it!

What do we mean by “laminated”? Well, if you thumb through a typical roller blind fabric catalogue from one of the main suppliers (eg Silent Gliss, Louvalite,Sunflex,Luxaflex etc) you’ll see that the fabric is pre-stiffened, or made from a fabric that, by virtue of its stability is suitable for rolling round a blind mechanism.

But if you don’t want to be restricted to a manufacturer’s fabric (eg because you want the roller blind to use a particular fabric from a scheme you’ve put together) the fabric won’t immediately be suitable for roller blinds – because in all probability it will have too much flexibility or “give” in it. So in these circumstances we “laminate” the fabric onto a base cloth. This gives it stability or rigidity and allows it to work on a roller blind mechanism.

moghul electric roller blind
Click on above image to view video

In this Cotswolds case study we had the opportunity to take this very bespoke product one step further, by incorporating a motorised, remote control roller blind headrail. The designer we were working with wanted to use a Jinda Spot Ecru from our embroidered cottons collection. Two points are worth noting before we get onto the electrics.

The Jinda Spot is one of our loose weave cottons, and the fact that this can be tamed to work on a roller blind is testament to the effectiveness of the laminating process. Secondly, at 3.36metres wide this is extremely wide for a manufacturer’s own range of fabrics, so to produce a blind this wide with laminated fabric was really pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Choose your supplier with care: we’ve tried to laminate blinds with a few manufacturers over the years with mixed results, and have only found one that produces a quality of finish that we are happy with (see our previous laminated roller blinds blog for more on this).

Roller blinds don’t just need to be functional, and so to maintain the aesthetics, we located the blind behind a 10cm deep pelmet – which ensures the blind is completely hidden when raised. To finish the look we incorporated lined and interlined, pinch pleat dress curtains at either side of the blind, as pictured below.

Laminated Moghul roller blind with motorised, remote control headrail
The completed scheme – laminated roller blind on motorised remote contol headrail, with fabric covered pelmet and pinch pleat dress curtains