Electric blinds on a timer switch

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We’ve done a lot of electrical blind installations in and around London, but last week’s install was a little different. Different because our client, concerned about security in their new kitchen, had the presence of mind to ask if they could have a timer switch with their new Somfy roller blinds that we were soon to install.

somfy electric roller blind with timer switch
Somfy electric roller blinds from a recent Chiswick installation – are operated by remote control or timer switch. Price approx £1500 inc. VAT and installation

The answer was of course a resounding yes. This did mean that rather than opting for our very capable in-house system**, we needed to upgrade the specifications to a Somfy system, but there were benefits to this.

The Timer Switch can be programmed to raise and lower the blinds at set times every day of the year, and includes a “Cosmic” setting that will adjust the time you’ve programmed to allow for daylight saving. This level of automation gives you wonderful piece of mind, particularly when you live in urban areas such as London. A combination of lights on a timer and automated roller blinds will give the impression that you’re in the house – day and evening – even if you might be thousands of miles away on business or (dare we dream this) holiday!

We met client early on in the build, to discuss positioning of electrics for the blind, and fuse spur locations. We located the timer switch in the cupboard to the right of the bifold doors (pictured right). The cupboard also houses the fuse spur for the blinds – a smart move as the fuse spur is out of sight whilst being conveniently located, should the blinds need to be switched off for programming or maintenance purposes.

somfy electric blind timer switch

Other advantages of the Somfy system: the Somfy electric roller blind systems have a unique “My” position – an intermediate stopping position that the blind can be sent to at the touch of a button.

So in the timer switch pictured right (or on the separate remote control), client can at a single touch of a button – for example when walking into the kitchen in the morning – lower (or raise) the blind to the desired position. This might be a half way point, which gives privacy from on-lookers without completely blocking out the view.

** If you don’t require a timer switch, our in-house system is a little cheaper than the Somfy system, and comes with near silent operation, and an attractive remote that can control multiple blinds individually or simultaneously.