Curtains with box pleat pelmets

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An expectant friend recently got in touch with us for some help with the window treatments for her master bedroom – which she and her husband had spent the previous few months lovingly refurbishing in preparation for their new arrival.

The immediate priority was to address the issue of the sun beaming through their south facing windows, and so we recommended an inexpensive roller blind fabric – sheer enough to allow light into the room but sufficiently opaque to negate the glare of the sun coming into the room. The added benefit is that the roller blinds will protect the curtains from the sun, and provide some insulation when the curtains are open (there is a radiator under one of the windows, and so there will be times when they will want the curtains open when the heating is on).

Reverse rolled sheer roller blinds, Moghul
The roller blinds are reverse rolled for aesthetic reasons, and when lowered both lessen the intensity of the sun and protect the curtains

We reverse rolled the roller blinds (which means the fabric falls over the front of the roller blind cylinder). There were two reasons for this. Aesthetically, the blind looks better with the cylinder obscured, but it also enabled us to locate the roller blind close to the wall above the window, which would lessen the required width of the pelmet board.

Some discussions were had as to the relative virtues of poles over pelmeted tracks, and with our guidance, client decided upon a pelmeted solution. She then added her own creative flourish – Schumacher braid to the leading edges of the curtain and the lower edge of the pelmet – which itself would be made to a half/large box pleat design.

After much deliberation, and a search for fabrics that spanned everything that Chelsea Harbour and the wider internet had to offer, client settled upon a linen union fabric in a dusty pink shade from our our Signature Collection.

double pinch pleat curtains on track and pelmet, Moghul
Double pinch pleat curtains are suspended from an Evans corded (CKS) system track fixed to a 17cm deep pelmet board

Pelmets are a great bedroom solution – for so many reasons. The main driver here was aesthetics – the pelmeted look worked perfectly in this high ceilinged Georgian bedroom, and we were able to get the depth of the pelmet to client’s exacting requirements by producing a mock up of the pelmet after fitting the pelmet board. Pelmets also work wonderfully well in bedrooms for two other reasons.

The pelmet board itself stops light permeating into the room over the top of the curtains. Further dim out measures are taken by returning the curtains to the wall at both sides (sometimes referred to as light lock). And finally, this light lock also maximises the thermal effects of the curtains by minimising the draught that would otherwise seap into the room around the sides of the curtains when closed.

Lined and interlined linen union curtains with half box pleat pelmet , Moghul
The finished effect – the dusty pink linen union curtains work beautifully with the wall paper and in conjunction with the sheer blinds provide a stunning yet practical solution

The curtains are made with our heavy weight (400gsm) cotton wool domette interlining and ivory blackout lining, to maximise the thermal effect, and to prolong the life of the curtains.