Make your own curtain cord tidy!

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When you’re using curtain tape, you need a tidy way to store the excess cord that is created when you pull the tape together to create your pleats. You can’t just tie the cords together and cut off the rest, because you might want to release the pleats some time in the future (e.g. when ...

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Made to Measure Curtains for Bay Windows – taking on the ultimate challenge!

A customer got in contact with us before Christmas. Three years ago they had shutters installed in the sitting room of their West London house. Now shutters are great for privacy, but they aren’t very cosy in the evenings – and this was literally the case here, because our customers sash windows aren’t double glazed. ...

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Blackout Roman Blinds made to measure – 7 reasons to use blackout lining with your made to measure roman blinds

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I was having a chat with a designer yesterday and she was impressing me with her attention to detail when it comes to advising customers on all things soft furnishings. But in the course of our conversation she said “and I had to advise the customer against blackout lining because it is such a bulky ...

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Thermal Curtains and Roman Blinds: Using Lining and Interlining to minimise draught and reduce heat loss

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After resisting for as long as possible, the time has now come for us to switch our heating system timers on again  – because let’s face it, it’s suddenly become quite chilly over the last few weeks. Our thoughts instantly turn to how we can save money over the winter months whilst keeping our houses ...

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