Budget early for your new build curtains & blinds

Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Case Studies, Curtains, Roman Blinds | No Comments

When you’re planning home renovations or starting from scratch with a new build, it’s easy to get mired in the detail of the build – through tireless meetings with architects, builders and contractors. With money seemingly leaving your pocket like water through a sieve, the tendency is to leave soft furnishings right until the end. But ...

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Square bay window roman blinds

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We’ve blogged before about the challenges presented by square bay windows. Curtains are the obvious solution to get round the problem of how to dress the tricky right angles between the side and back windows in the bay. But there are two problems here. Firstly, there often isn’t enough stacking space for the curtain to draw back into ...

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Blind cord safety

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The tragic news broke a couple of weeks back that another toddler has died after becoming entangled in a blind cord – and the fact that it happened to the child of a Norwegian shipping and oil tycoon seems to make the story resonate even stronger. This sort of accident strikes indiscriminately – regardless of wealth or ...

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Dormer Window Curtains

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Case Studies, Curtains, Roman Blinds | No Comments

Now we’ve written about dormer window challenges in previous blogs and so last Thursday’s installation in a charming village just south of Bath was interesting because in one house – in two adjoining rooms in fact – we tackled two quite different way of dressing these notoriously tricky spaces. In this blog we investigate how dormer window ...

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Adding a roller blind to increase bedroom blackout

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Roman blinds are a wonderfully versatile product with huge benefits – aesthetic and practical. However we always advise our customers that when located outside the window recess/reveal, they should not be your first choice if you’re looking for complete bedroom blackout. This is because roman blinds hang proud of the wall when lowered, enabling light ...

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Fixing a roman blind problem in Bath

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It’s never nice having to critique other peoples’ work, but we were faced with no alternative last week, when we were called to a house in Bath’s stunning Great Pulteney Street, to offer some advice on some bedroom roman blinds. The blind pictured above was one of two blinds fitted in the master bedroom of a basement (garden) ...

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