Electric blinds on a timer switch

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We’ve done a lot of electrical blind installations in and around London, but last week’s install was a little different. Different because our client, concerned about security in their new kitchen, had the presence of mind to ask if they could have a timer switch with their new Somfy roller blinds that we were soon ...

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Child safe blinds – what are the options?

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So you could say that the dust is now settling in the aftermath of the hurried implementation of the new blind cord safety regulations. For a reminder of how the regulations change the soft furnishings landscape, take a look at our recent blog. Affected products – most notably roman blinds – won’t leave the market, ...

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Spring loaded roller blinds for safety AND functionality

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I try to be as open-minded about products as possible – to ensure that on each client project we’re recommending the best possible product, application or hardware for the job. But there are certain products that I’ve always been a bit sceptical about – like spring loaded roller blinds for example. So it’s really nice when manufacturers ...

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Adding a roller blind to increase bedroom blackout

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Roman blinds are a wonderfully versatile product with huge benefits – aesthetic and practical. However we always advise our customers that when located outside the window recess/reveal, they should not be your first choice if you’re looking for complete bedroom blackout. This is because roman blinds hang proud of the wall when lowered, enabling light ...

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Roller Blinds for Bifold Doors

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Another blog in the bifold door series (see links to further blogs below), and hot off the press following yesterday’s installation in the leafy village of Brighton cum Stowell, Oxfordshire. The client was keen to reduce the intensity of the sun streaming into her kitchen (granted, this is a little difficult to envisage in this ...

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Laminated, motorised and remote controlled – can the humble roller blind get any more bespoke?

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We’ve blogged before about laminated roller blinds, and we recently had the opportunity to add a new dimension to this truly bespoke product  by electrifying it! What do we mean by “laminated”? Well, if you thumb through a typical roller blind fabric catalogue from one of the main suppliers (eg Silent Gliss, Louvalite,Sunflex,Luxaflex etc) you’ll ...

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Laminated Roller Blinds – a truly made to measure solution

Here’s why laminated blinds exist: A neighbour has helpfully felled some tall trees in their garden, suddenly bathing your sitting room and kitchen in dazzling sunlight that you never thought you’d be entitled to. Lovely you might think. But then you realise that there are times during the day when the sunlight needs to be ...

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