The Homespun Look is Back

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Katrina Burroughs says farewell to “clinical chrome perfection” in today’s Times. She says the recession has turned us away from Michelin-starred cooking and towards comfy, snug family kitchens. Polka dot ceramics and Cornish sourced products are featured as rustic examples of the “inexpensive route to the homespun look.” So if you feel this look’s for ...

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Autumn fabrics in berry shades – drawing inspiration from nature’s offerings

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Katrina Burroughs put it rather nicely in the Sunday Times this weekend. This time of year she adores “the berry shades that flood the stores, making them resemble larders reassuringly full of conserved summer fruits”. Rich berry colours from strawberry through to blackcurrent, and dark purples were firmly in residence at Decorex a couple of ...

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Bottom Up Roller Blinds – are they the answer?

We’ve recently been discussing with an interior designer the best way to tackle a bathroom window on a redevelopment that she’s working on. Client wants privacy without substantially diminishing the amount of light coming into the bathroom. The bottom up roller blind solution was suggested – but is it really the best solution to this ...

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Geometric fabrics for your curtains and roman blinds – houndstooth is back in fashion

Geometric patterns are this autumn/ winter’s hot design – gracing the catwalks and animating the interior design community in equal measure. They make an ideal fabric for made to measure curtains and roman blinds. Make a bold statement with the classic black and white houndstooth design or take a more subtle approach with an accent piece or geometric patterns in more muted, neutral shades.

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Hello Everyone!

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AAAAhhhhhhhh! Here I am typing the first Moghul Blog!!!!! What am I doing? Have we got the time to run a blog on our website? Will anyone read it? Can anyone be bothered to follow blogs from an Interiors company? The answer to most of these questions is probably no! but to hell with all ...

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