Spring loaded roller blinds for safety AND functionality

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I try to be as open-minded about products as possible – to ensure that on each client project we’re recommending the best possible product, application or hardware for the job. But there are certain products that I’ve always been a bit sceptical about – like spring loaded roller blinds for example. So it’s really nice when manufacturers ...

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Curtain Poles for Bifold Door Curtains

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We’ve blogged before about the various available options, when it comes to choosing curtains and/or blinds for your bifold doors or sliding doors. What you choose will inevitably be a delicate balancing act between the practical necessities of the space itself, and the most perfect aesthetic solution. But as you’re reading this, I suspect you’ve ...

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Curtains for Sliding Doors

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The bifold door phenomenon is now embedded in every sophisticated architect’s brief when it comes to designing uber chic, contemporary kitchen and living room spaces, and in recent blogs on bifold doors we’ve discussed the various benefits of these innovative systems. However talk to any bifold door manufacturer, and they will tell you that, with this ...

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Dormer Window Curtains

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Now we’ve written about dormer window challenges in previous blogs and so last Thursday’s installation in a charming village just south of Bath was interesting because in one house – in two adjoining rooms in fact – we tackled two quite different way of dressing these notoriously tricky spaces. In this blog we investigate how dormer window ...

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Fixing a roman blind problem in Bath

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It’s never nice having to critique other peoples’ work, but we were faced with no alternative last week, when we were called to a house in Bath’s stunning Great Pulteney Street, to offer some advice on some bedroom roman blinds. The blind pictured above was one of two blinds fitted in the master bedroom of a basement (garden) ...

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Curtains with box pleat pelmets

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An expectant friend recently got in touch with us for some help with the window treatments for her master bedroom – which she and her husband had spent the previous few months lovingly refurbishing in preparation for their new arrival. The immediate priority was to address the issue of the sun beaming through their south ...

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Blackout roman blinds – a pragmatic solution for your child’s bedroom

So here’s the thing. You’re moving your little one into their new bedroom. The nights are shortening and so will your lie-ins, if you don’t come up with a solution for their window that keeps their bedroom dark in the morning. Curtains would always be the first solution where you’re looking for bedroom blackout. But ...

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Laminated, motorised and remote controlled – can the humble roller blind get any more bespoke?

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We’ve blogged before about laminated roller blinds, and we recently had the opportunity to add a new dimension to this truly bespoke product  by electrifying it! What do we mean by “laminated”? Well, if you thumb through a typical roller blind fabric catalogue from one of the main suppliers (eg Silent Gliss, Louvalite,Sunflex,Luxaflex etc) you’ll ...

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A heady mix of embroidered linen and vertical blinds down at Canary Wharf

Another day down at Canary Wharf, this time blending the old with the new in this uber contemporary cityscape. A duplex apartment in Pan Peninsula with stunning floor to ceiling windows called for a clinical, contemporary look to compliment and augment rather than clutter the minimalist living areas. There was a small practical issue though. ...

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