Curtain Poles for Bifold Door Curtains

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We’ve blogged before about the various available options, when it comes to choosing curtains and/or blinds for your bifold doors or sliding doors. What you choose will inevitably be a delicate balancing act between the practical necessities of the space itself, and the most perfect aesthetic solution. But as you’re reading this, I suspect you’ve ...

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Curtains for Sliding Doors

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The bifold door phenomenon is now embedded in every sophisticated architect’s brief when it comes to designing uber chic, contemporary kitchen and living room spaces, and in recent blogs on bifold doors we’ve discussed the various benefits of these innovative systems. However talk to any bifold door manufacturer, and they will tell you that, with this ...

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Roller Blinds for Bifold Doors

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Another blog in the bifold door series (see links to further blogs below), and hot off the press following yesterday’s installation in the leafy village of Brighton cum Stowell, Oxfordshire. The client was keen to reduce the intensity of the sun streaming into her kitchen (granted, this is a little difficult to envisage in this ...

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Laminated Roller Blinds – a truly made to measure solution

Here’s why laminated blinds exist: A neighbour has helpfully felled some tall trees in their garden, suddenly bathing your sitting room and kitchen in dazzling sunlight that you never thought you’d be entitled to. Lovely you might think. But then you realise that there are times during the day when the sunlight needs to be ...

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