Canary Wharf Curtains – taking to the skies when curtain tracks don’t fit in the lift!

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We were faced with something of a conundrum last week when fitting two pairs of curtains in a redeveloped apartment on the 9th floor of Horizon Building, Canary Wharf.

Our client had six large windows spanning the width of her sitting room and had ordered a pair of silk curtains, with sheers hanging behind. Each pair of curtains was to be ceiling mounted on a 4.5 metre wide hand drawn track.

We knew the tracks wouldn’t fit in the lift or up the stair case of the building, and whilst we could cut each in half, we didn’t really want to do this as it would interrupt the clean lines of each curved fronted design system track and potentially impede the operation of the curtains when closed.

Horizon Building Canary Wharf Moghul curtain track
A Moghul fitter trails a cord from the 9th floor balcony down to street level where the tracks are attached and hauled up the side of the building into the apartment

The solution: our fitters took a long reel of cord. The cord was carefully lowered down the side of the building from the apartment balcony 9 floors up from street level, and secured to the tracks at ground level. The tracks were then carefully hauled up the outside of the building, in the gap between the apartment balconies (see photo above).