Square bay window roman blinds

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We’ve blogged before about the challenges presented by square bay windows. Curtains are the obvious solution to get round the problem of how to dress the tricky right angles between the side and back windows in the bay. But there are two problems here. Firstly, there often isn’t enough stacking space for the curtain to draw back into ...

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Spring loaded roller blinds for safety AND functionality

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I try to be as open-minded about products as possible – to ensure that on each client project we’re recommending the best possible product, application or hardware for the job. But there are certain products that I’ve always been a bit sceptical about – like spring loaded roller blinds for example. So it’s really nice when manufacturers ...

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Curtain Poles for Bifold Door Curtains

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We’ve blogged before about the various available options, when it comes to choosing curtains and/or blinds for your bifold doors or sliding doors. What you choose will inevitably be a delicate balancing act between the practical necessities of the space itself, and the most perfect aesthetic solution. But as you’re reading this, I suspect you’ve ...

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