Curtain Poles for Bifold Door Curtains

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We’ve blogged before about the various available options, when it comes to choosing curtains and/or blinds for your bifold doors or sliding doors. What you choose will inevitably be a delicate balancing act between the practical necessities of the space itself, and the most perfect aesthetic solution.

But as you’re reading this, I suspect you’ve already formed a view as to which application (curtain or blind) you prefer for your bifold door project, so our job is to ensure that we can make your desired product work in the space available.

In this particular case, our client had just moved into a stunning new build development off Roehampton Road, West London.

bifold door curtains

With a beautiful, uncluttered kitchen area and a decent stacking space (of approx 80cms) each side of the bifold doors, curtains were the preferred option.

Now typically in this situation, particularly when there is very little wall space to work with above the doors, we would recommend a ceiling mounted track as this blends in seamlessly with the ceiling, and the curtains glide effortlessly on our track system (which has a lubricant built into the paint).

However our client really liked the idea of the bifold door curtains running on curtain poles, and the 8cms wall space above the doors was just enough to accommodate curtain pole brackets, so discussion turned to which system would be most appropriate in terms of aesthetics and budget.

curtain poles for bifold doors, Moghul

The fabulous Bradley Collection curtain poles were a little above budget, so client settled upon a stainless steel passing ring system from Evans. At 28mm diameter, the proportions of the system fitted perfectly into the space available.

There’s a very high end feel to the curtain pole components, and crucially, the passing ring system (so named because the rings are “c” shaped, enabling them to slide past the brackets that support the curtain pole when the curtains are opened and closed) means you can span an almost limitless space.

curtain poles bifold curtains

The curtains are just over 5 metres wide, and with a curtain drop of 2.4 metres, the lined and interlined curtains carry quite a bit of weight.

But as the rings can slide over the brackets when the curtains are opened and closed, we could support the pole with multiple brackets.

Here we spanned the 5 metre wide space with 7 brackets to ensure the curtains were adequately supported.